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Notice of EGM 15.03.2020 & Proposed Closure of Family Doctor Association

Dear Fellow Member of the FDA

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)  of the Family Doctor Association

Sunday 15th March 2020 at 2pm – 3pm Manchester Premier Inn Piccadilly

We write to invite you to attend the EGM convened to agree the wind up of the Family Doctor Association.  It is with the deepest regret that we must report that the Council of the Family Doctor Association met on 25th January 2020 in Manchester and agreed unanimously that the Family Doctor Association was not a financially viable entity in the long term and that it should be wound up.  This decision needs to be ratified at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Please let us know if you are coming so that we can arrange a venue of suitable size.  To book please email chairman@family-doctor.org.uk  

This decision was not made lightly.  It is the duty of the Charity Trustees to ensure financial balance and probity; it is clear that, while not insolvent yet, there is risk we would become so later this year. Over the last year or two, Moira, our Chief Executive and your Council have worked very hard to explore all methodologies of future funding. Traditionally, as a membership organisation, the bulk of our income has been from member subscriptions, topped up with commercial sponsors and some income from educational meetings. These sources are drying up as the membership demographic shows increasing numbers of retirements and practice amalgamations and closures.

You will be aware that we increased our subscription rates last year in an attempt to correct the situation but the response was disappointing at best.  We approached NHSE/I for support and, while they welcome us to advise them at their meetings, they no longer even pay travel costs let alone the cost of taking a day out of the practice for a working GP.  Much has been done by your Officers on an ex gratia basis but this is not a supportable model for the future.

We finish by thanking from the bottom of our hearts our Chief Executive, Moira Auchterlonie, who has given 26 years of her life to her work and helped guide and steer the path from a small organisation, the Small Practices Association, to a national group which has become a “must consult” voice on all the changes in general practice. Her energy, enthusiasm and amazing abilities leave us all in awe.

Please let us know if you are coming by emailing usThere will also be a short minuted meeting for those members who wish to progress ideas for the creation of a virtual successor organisation.

Yours sincerely

Dr Peter Swinyard, Chairman & Trustee
Dr Claire Rushton, Vice Chairman & Trustee
Dr Rauf Kukaswadia, Treasurer & Trustee
Dr Michael Taylor, Trustee


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