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Notice of EGM 15.03.2020 Family Doctor Association

Dear Fellow Member of the FDA

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)  of the Family Doctor Association

At the Extraordinary General Meeting the Family Doctor is Association held in Manchester on the 17th March 2020 it was resolved that the FDA should continue as an educational charity supporting the values of personal, holistic, patient centred, continuing care. It would, however, move away from being a membership funded organisation, with face-to-face educational events and employees, becoming a more virtual organisation reliant on continuing charity donations supported by honorary executives and trustees.
The history and evidence behind personal continuity of care is well established and it remains a valued, patient focused, model that has existed since before Hippocrates.
Those Health Care Professionals that believe in such an approach to Family Medicine are welcome as like minded members of the Family Doctors Association.
Alan Dow
Honorary Secretary of the Family Doctors Association


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