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The Family Doctor Association is an independent grassroots organisation dedicated to supporting the General Practice workforce to provide patient-centred care. Established in 1985, and with three decades of experience serving thousands of grassroots GPs, the FDA is committed to educating and supporting GPs like you, as well as influencing the wider primary care agenda.

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The FDA was established as an educational charity and has a long history of delivering high quality general practice CPD by clinical experts across the UK. With both in person CPD events and online resources, we endeavour to provide relevant, on point and topical learning, both clinical and organisational.

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We understand that as general practice continually changes, the right support for grassroots GPs is essential. The FDA provides opportunities to network with a rich and diverse community of GPs: from partners, locums and salaried GPs to clinical specialists, medico-political contributors and portfolio GPs. Our peer to peer GP advice line also provides support on those tough niggly problems that only GPs can understand.

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Over the last three decades, the FDA has represented the voice of grassroots GPs at the ‘top table’ ensuring that the views of GPs are heard in the conversations that matter the most.

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Continuity of Care Summit 2019

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The Continuity of Care summit is one day meeting, joining the grassroots NHS workforce, thought leaders and policy makers to put patient care back at the centre of the primary care agenda.

Why is this important?

Amid service redesign and reinvention, disruptive innovation promising to deliver care for all, and the ongoing recruitment and retention crisis, this summit aims to recalibrate the conversation, with the focus on patient continuity of care.

Short focussed talks will present current evidence of the impact of fragmented continuity of care on patients, communities and services.

Breakout groups will drill down key challenges that current ICSs for continuity of care, and the day will culminate in a no holds barred discussion tackling the questions raised.

The aim of this flagship event is to produce a White Paper of recommendations.

Join us for this opportunity to contribute to a national conversation.

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