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A&E: the perfect storm.

by Dr Michael Taylor

 If as Mephistopheles I wanted to destroy the British NHS there are five things I would do, gradually, incrementally, imperceptibly.

I would make more people il,l or think they are ill, by medicalising normality. I would turn risk factors, such as obesity and hypertension into diseases to drive more people into the system more frequently in the name of Health

I would then cause anxiety almost panic within the gatekeepers of the service with threats of punishment, spurred on by no win no fee legal parasitism and hyperactive regulation in the name of Justice.

I would increase the complexity of simple care to make every doctor patient contact fraught, difficult, inhuman, even scattering red flags of danger in all electronic health aids in the name of Safety.

I would then make the primary entrance to the system narrower and the previously narrow secondary access to the hospitals wider, in the name of Convenience.

I would then have Harry Hardnose write simplistic exaggerated leaders in The Times.

Yours etc,

Michael Taylor (GP)

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