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Top tips for GP practice on surviving the General Election

by Moira Auchterlonie CEO Family Doctor Association

OR the Four P's that matter during the election silly season

Purdah. On the 30th March, Parliament was dissolved; there will be no new policy announcements until after the election results.  In theory there could be a reduction of NHS England announcements in your email in box however, the pragmatists among you will know that is unlikely because.....

Policy. The policy machinery at Quarry House in Leeds will roll on regardless.  Integration will remain the only game in town whoever wins the election.  Simon Stevens at a recent Kings Fund meeting, announced that all parties are committed to the New Models of Care and integration agenda as outlined in his Five Year Forward View.  If you haven't read the Five Year Forward View, do so. If you are short on time, read Chapter Three as it outlines the new models of care.  You'll hear this phrase tripping off the tongues and keyboards of all the 'health players' locally and nationally.  The strategy outlines at how the future might look for general practice and primary care.  A good slide summary is on the Lancashire North CCG website.

Practice. Keep your eye on primary care developments locally to see what the opportunities or threats there might be for your practice.   Another new buzzword is Vanguard, the name for the pilot sites testing 'at pace' the new models of care.

Patients. Keep calm and carry on.  Whatever the results of the 2015 General Election, patients will need appointments, bodies will continue to have the diseases they have suffered over millennia and family doctor practices will continue to be the bedrock of our NHS.

P.S. If the 'purdah' means not reading NHS England emails, check your practice NHS Choices listing to make sure it is up to date.  Practice profile matters.

Moira has worked in primary care for two decades, leaving secondary care for the promise of a primary care-led NHS.  She remains an optimist despite being in touch with the trials and tribulations of over 5,000 jobbing GPs.  Her forte is translating NHS-speak into plain English.  She describes herself as a practical, common sense thinker even with degrees in economics, law and leadership. Contact her.


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