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Appraisals: how do we assure safety without asphyxiation?

by Dr David Zigmond FDA Founder Member & GP London

Appraisals: how do we assure safety without asphyxiation?  ‘We can’t carry on like this!’ is now a familiar cry of impotent frustration throughout Welfare services. Clearly we need challenges to our dysfunctional order. Yet our officials’ responses are often redolent of the last gasps of Empire: draconian authority with officious nervousness. What is happening?  This example – of General Practitioner Appraisals – is a telling microcosm. ‘Men reform a thing by removing reality from it, and then do not know what to do with the unreality that is left.’ GK Chesterton, Generally Speaking (1928)   The professional staff of our Welfare services – those concerned with our health, education and vulnerable care – have growing occupational malaise, disaffection and stress. These are less related to the volume of work and more about the changed ethos. And here is a conundrum: for these changes are consequent to recent...

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OR the Four P's that matter during the election silly season Purdah. On the 30th March, Parliament was dissolved; there will be no new policy announcements until after the election results.  In ...

GPs have a duty to help needy patients get benefits – the contrary view.

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GPs have a duty to help needy patients get benefits – the contrary view. If only I had a pound for every time someone in authority said “GPs are ideally placed to….” –...

Smarter Access - a GP experiment!

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All is Therapy; All is Diagnosis Unmapped and perishing latitudes of healthcare

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Language is not just data: it is a custodian of our humanity

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Hello, Health Commissioner. Goodbye, Family Doctor?

by Dr David Zigmond

The idea, now diktat, that GPs should lead the complex provision of healthcare for localities may subtract more than it adds to overall health-welfare. How and why could this happen?  ‘Sim...

A&E: the perfect storm.

by Dr Michael Taylor

 If as Mephistopheles I wanted to destroy the British NHS there are five things I would do, gradually, incrementally, imperceptibly. I would make more people il,l or think they are ill, by med...

How to engage GPs in the clinically led future and why my PCT Chief commissioning Executive never saw GPs.

by Dr Michael Taylor

The past neglect. My last PCT Chief Executive has now been promoted to a bigger better job in Wales; Trevor never saw his GPs. I did an audit of the number of GPs who had signed the visitors book a...

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