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GP Hot Topics in Primary Care Saturday 23rd March 2019

Haematology Update HERE

Frailty HERE

Psychosis HERE

& Babycomestoo Saturday 2nd March 2019

Paediatric Update HERE

The truth about parenthood & medical careers HERE

Top Tips to avoid common pitfalls for Parent GPs HERE

National GP Hot Topics Saturday 23 February 2019

Child Health HERE

Carpal Tunnel HERE

Frailty Syndrome HERE

Contraception Update HERE

Dermatology Update HERE 

Cannabis, Cocaine & Consultation HERE

Benefits Update HERE

Can you meet with triump & disaster HERE

Child Safeguarding HERE

Crohn's Disease, Colitis, Coleliac Update HERE


Ear Nose & Throat Update Wednesday 16th January 2019

Presentation HERE


Living with Cancer Saturday 24th November 2018

Presentations part 1 please request

Presentations part 2 please request


Complaints, Communications, GDPR & Bawa Garba Saturday 10th November 2018

Difficult conversations HERE

Post Bawa Garba HERE

Head Shoulders Knees & Toes Event Saturday 29th September 2018

Session 2: Heads HERE


GP Hot Topics Saturday 22nd September 2018

Autistic Spectrum Disorder – what do GPs need to know?   HERE

Drug Related Deaths and Pregabalin Dependence    HERE


Women's Health & Bawa Garba Saturday 1st Sept 2018

Pelvic Pain - Endometriosis or IBS?  HERE

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding HERE

Prolapse - HERE

Contraception Update HERE

Appraisal Reflection Bawa Garba HERE


Respiratory Update Saturday 7th July 2018

The Breathless patient in primary care HERE

COPD update HERE

Asthma Guidelines NICE vs BTS HERE

Early diagnosis of Lung Cancer HERE

Integrated Respiratory Care HERE


GP Hot Topics Saturday 23rd June 2018 Liverpool

Mental Health in Primary Care HERE

Tropical diseases in the UK HERE

Fabricated Illness HERE

Dermatology in Primary Care HERE



Psychosexual Problems Wednesday 23rd May 2018 Liverpool

Presentation HERE

GP Hot Topics Saturday 21st April 2018 Accrington

Menopause HRT HERE

Children with behaviourable problems HERE

DWP & Benefits HERE

Rheumatology Update Wednesday 14th March 2018

The joints are painful & swollen do I give steroids? HERE

Vascular Care Update Saturday 24th February Rochdale

Management of DVT HERE

Diagnosis & Management of Varicose Veins HERE

Case based discussion on DVT HERE

Pharmacist Led Pilot Project HERE

GP Hot Topics 3rd February 2018 Liverpool

Hot Dermatology Tips to follow next week

Hot Dermatology Tips HERE

Fit to Drive HERE

Can you sign this form Doc? HERE

New NICE Asthma guidelines HERE

Primary Care finance practice update HERE

DNAR changes HERE

  • Anticipatory prescribing and end of life considerations HERE

  • Complicated pain HERE

  • Converting morphine to fentanyl HERE

  • Difficult conversations HERE

  • Pain mangement in palliative care HERE

  • Summary of NICE guidelines HERE

Feeding difficulties in infants HERE

Move it! Physical Activity Conversations HERE

The end of general practice? HERE

Devolution in 10 minutes HERE

GP Hot Topics morning 25th November 2017 Liverpool

Genetic Counselling

Caroline Benjamin HERE

Pam Harris HERE

Urgent Care for Cancer 4th November 2017 Liverpool

All presentations combined HERE

St Helens & Knowsley (St H&K) NHS Trust: ACE Pilot Final Report HERE



GPFDA Hot Topics 7 October 2017 Norton Grange

End of Life:

Presentation HERE

Anticipatory prescribing and end of life considerations HERE

Complicated pain HERE

Converting morphine to fentanyl HERE

Difficult conversations HERE

Pain mangement in palliative care HERE

Summary of NICE guidelines HERE

ENT presentation to follow soon

Feeding dificulties in infants HERE

NWAN North West Allergy Network which is on the reference list it has lots of useful resources and information and they promote a study day for allergies too. Parents can be signposted there too there is a section for them.


East Lancashire Hot Topics 2 September 2017

Contraception Update HERE


MFDA Liverpool 12 July 2017

Positive Mental Health HERE

Audit guidance HERE


Learning 2017

Download the learning and GP tips from recent Family Doctor Association events.

General Practice London Update

Saturday 13th May 2017

Safe Guarding Update HERE

Financial Top Tips HERE

Spotting the Sick Child HERE & HERE

Paediatric Dermatology HERE

GP Hot Topics Nottingham

22nd April 2017

Driving, the DVLA and advising patients HERE

End of Life HERE


GP Hot Topics Accrington

8th April 2017

End of Life HERE

Acute Kidney Injury HERE


GP Hot Topics Liverpool

1st April 2017

Crohns, Coeliac & Colitis HERE

Contraception HERE

Mum's Worries HERE

Pharmacy HERE

Dementia HERE

GP Hot Topics Rochdale

25th February 2017

Musculoskeletal Update HERE

Women's Health  HERE

Demystifying the Benefits System: HERE

National Conference Liverpool

4th February 2017

Acute Kidney Injury HERE

Interpreting blood results HERE

Driving Update DVLA HERE

Sepsis in Primary Care Dr John Caldwell HERE

Sepsis in primary care Dr Emmanuel Nsutebu HERE

Telephone Consultation: Risk Managing HERE

Resillience HERE

Dermatology Puzzles - handouts only for this talk

Safeguarding Update HERE

Financial Top Tips for all GPs HERE


Dr Patricia Wilkie HERE

Dr Arvind Madan HERE

Common Musculoskeletal Problems in General Practice

Liverpool 30 November 2016

Dr Denis O'Brien HERE

How Can we Deliver Great Cancer Care in Primary Care

Cancer: NICE (symptom based) - what's new November 2016 - Dr Katy Gardner & Dr Cathy Hubbart HERE
Lung Cancer - Dr Martin Ledson HERE
Head & Neck - Miss Ann Dingle HERE
Genetics/genomics - Dr Lynn Greenhalgh HERE

Tranformation of cancer care in Merseyside & Cheshire

Dr Debbie Harvey - HERE
Dr Peter Kirkbride - HERE


What are the opportunities for nurses in early diagnosis/screening?  Julie Forshaw - HERE
Screening matters: Cervical, Breat & Bowel - Susan Spence -HERE

Leaflets & Handouts

2WW referral patient information letter example. Will be computerized for use in Lpool and Sefton HERE

Primary Care 10 Top Tips HERE

Acute Oncology GP advice via Email HERE

Referring those with a Family History of Cancer HERE

GP direct referral to CT HERE

NICE Cancer Referral Guidelines 2015 HERE

Ovarian Plan HERE

GP Hot Topics East Lancashire October 2016

Zika Virus HERE

Migrant Health HERE

Sepsis HERE

Appraisal top tips HERE

GP Hot Topics Bury October 2016

Paediatric Dermatology only available on request at

Blood test interpretation & other Haematological challenges HERE

Women's Health HERE

Acute Kidney Injury HERE

GP Study Morning Nottingham September 2016

Vitamin D Update HERE

GMC & GP Appraisal HERE

Sepsis Update HERE

GPs & Telephone Consultations HERE

Paediatric Update Liverpool 20 July 2016

Mum's worries HERE

Fabricated or induced illness HERE

GP Safeguarding Session HERE

GP Study Morning Accrington July 2016

Problem feeding in children HERE

Red Flags in Gastroenterology HERE

Weight Loss Surgery update HERE

GP Study Morning Rochdale May 2016

Sepsis Update for GPs HERE

Telephone Consultations: Skills and Risk HERE

Eating disorders: what do GPs need to know?  HERE

Vitamin D Update HERE

GP Study Morning Liverpool April 2016

HRT Menopause: a brief look at how to manage HRT and menopause in primary care with a look
at relevant case studies.   HERE

Atrial Fibrillation: AF, NOACs and talking topatients about risk.   HERE

An Update on COPD    HERE

Chronic Kidney Disease Update for GPs    HERE

Skin Cancer and 2 Week Rule Referrals    HERE

GP Study Morning Accrington April 2016

Coping with Coroners: Death Certification, inquests and the Coroner HERE

Certifying death: what do GPs need to know? HERE

Bereavement.  What do you say?  What don't you say?  Communication skills update HERE

PULSE London March 2016

The end of the road: 5 key tips for struggling practices  HERE

Portfolio careers: Assessing the pros and cons of a career beyond partnerships  HERE


GP Hot Topics London February 2016

Coping with Coroners: Death certification, inquests and the Coroner HERE

General Practice 2016 and beyond: update for savvy GPs……     HERE

Holiday Souvenirs and Other Infectious Diseases: GP Update     HERE

Telephone consultations, Skyping patients, top tips on getting it right     HERE

Making the most of your Practice Manager     HERE

What the NHS Pensions Agency doesn’t tell you & more. Or when can you retire?     HERE


Hot Topics Bury January 2016

The eyes have it? Ophthalmology Case Discussion    HERE

Chronic Kidney Disease Update for GPs   HERE

Autism Spectrum Disorder: What Do GPs Need To Know?   HERE

Medically Unexplained Symptoms: Top Tips For GPs   HERE

Medically Unexplained Symptoms Guidance for health professionals  HERE


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