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By Dr Peter Swinyard, National Chairman

The Family Doctor Association unites over 1000 UK GP practices that offer their patients the opportunity to see their own GP. The Association’s purpose is to promote the importance of continuity of relationship in family medicine and to encourage, assist, and motivate fellow GP practices, the Department of Health and health leaders to recognise its importance in the delivery of quality primary health care.

Member practices use the logo to tell patients that they offer a "My GP" option and that they are part of a national network of GP practices that believe in the importance of continuity of care.

Our member practices pride themselves upon the superiority of their accessibility and patient satisfaction while recognising that other practices will share in the clinical excellence they afford. These values lead to a balanced practice where clinical excellence, work-life balance and profitability are in harmony. This style of practice is greatly appreciated by patients, especially those who recognise the importance of relationships in their health and well-being and those who are for whatever reason in someway vulnerable.

Practice membership has many benefits including educational events, discounts on practice products, free practice templates, advice line, national voice, free practice listing on "Find a Family Doctor" search. These benefits are for all practice team members.

Member practices have a style of practice that gives us our “brand” and shared logo which is instantly recognisable, so important in this new era of NHS competition and commercialisation. Many Family Doctor Association GPs are members of the Family Doctor Association are also members of the RCGP and BMA; we encourage such shared membership for this allows us our role of "critical friends" to these two important organisations.

If you share our values and your practice is not yet a member, sign up now!

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