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News - NHS Long Term Plan grassroots GP reactions

Date: 08/01/2019

Family Doctor Association welcomes NHS Plan re-formation of Primary Care Team. 

 The Family Doctor Association (FDA) welcomes the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan. The Association has been consulted from the earliest stages and used its influence to help shape this plan, which brings massive new investment to general practice and out-of-hospital care. 

 National Chairman, Dr Peter Swinyard, said, 'Within general practice, we particularly welcome the re-formation of the Primary Care Team, where GPs, practice nurses, other clinicians, District Nurses, Midwives, Health Visitors and Mental Health Care workers can meet together to co-ordinate the care of the patient. 

 In recent years, the loss of this communication, along with the reduction in numbers of fully trained district nurses, has severely impacted on the co-ordination and efficiency of patient care. This primary care team has been given a 2019 rebrand;  renamed a multidisciplinary team and placed at Primary Care Network level but its re-formation is greatly welcomed.'

 The FDA hopes this Plan will open up a new world of co-operation and interoperability between primary and secondary care; all working towards providing the best care for our shared patients. Old demarcations need to be gently broken down in the interest of joined-up patient care. Only then will the patient be truly at the heart of the organisation of their care rather than being a pawn played between powerful hospital trusts and the increasingly over-stretched general practices. 

 The full plan and other resources, can be read at


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