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News - Digital Docs or Pyjama Physicians? FDA Chairman on Secretary of State's plans.

Date: 21/09/2018

VoxDocs Press Release Family Doctor Association   24.09.18

Call for investment level playing field in primary care digital strategy

 The Family Doctor Association welcomes the Secretary of State’s plan to invest in digital technology. We encourage him to make this technology available to all family doctor practices to allow continuity of care, and create further GP efficiencies to ensure practices continue to do what they do best: looking after their patients.

 The Family Doctor Association welcomes the Secretary of State’s pledge to protect existing practices, many of which are at tipping point. The Association has always championed traditional general practice with a modern face.  This technology may offer a way of segmenting primary health care based on clinical need.  The worried well and those with straightforward conditions can easily use online services, leaving the complex patients more time with their doctors. 

 We trust that the Secretary of State will offer a level playing field with equivalent funding for all GP practices to become digitally enabled, so patients can maintain continuity of care with their GP and their GP practice. There is robust and increasing evidence that continuity of care saves lives reduces attendance at A&E and is valued by patients, especially those with long-term conditions. 

 It is important to remember that general practice is the most technologically enabled sector in the NHS and has always led in the introduction of new medical record technology. The FDA insists that great caution is taken not to disadvantage the long term sick by pandering to the votes of the worried well and insists that all practices and all patients should be able to benefit from this investment in technology. 

 National Chairman, Dr Peter Swinyard, said, 'We want real doctors in real practices treating real patients, not pyjama physicians seeing patients they will never meet through their iPads.'

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