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News - 'GPs should be "pleased" when small practices close.'

Date: 03/08/2018

FDA Chairman has spoken today with Dr Arvind Madan following his reported comments published in Pulse magazine earlier this week. Dr Madan confirmed it is not the intention of him or NHS England to damage small practices.  

Dr Swinyard said, 'Following the reported comments from Arvind Madan from NHSE about the intention to dragoon smaller practices into larger units, I had a personal phone call from Dr Madan today to set the record straight. He has worked as a single handed GP in inner city Vauxhall. His aim is to end small practices struggling. Perhaps Pulse edited the last word off his comments? He also appreciates the unique value of continuity of care which is most readily found in smaller practices. The Family Doctor Association will meet with him very soon to develop ways in which all practices can be supported in the future..'

Read the article in Pulse magazine here 

The letter to Dr Madan from the Family Doctor Association is  below.

 Dear Arvind,

 ‘GPs should be "pleased" when small practices close.’

 As the sole medical organisation representing family doctors, we write on behalf of our GP members, their primary care teams and patients, to raise concerns about your recent comments in Pulse magazine. (1 Aug 2018).  The tone of these comments from a respected senior colleague shocks and saddens us.

 Our members have asked that you publicly share the evidence underpinning these comments.  We cannot overstate the negative impact of such comments on family doctors facing increasing patient workload, the effects of patient displacement from accelerating practice closures, falling morale and now, increasing concerns about the jobs of all those working in family doctor practices in England.

 Next steps

  1. The FDA will survey its members for evidence on the impact of NHS England’s ‘at scale’ policy.
  2.  We wish to continue to work with you in a constructive manner; we therefore request a meeting with you at the earliest opportunity, to gain clarification on these comments.

 We look forward to your early response.

 Yours sincerely

 Dr Peter Swinyard                                           Moira Auchterlonie                                                        

National Chairman                                           Chief Executive                                

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