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News - DoLS change welcomed as it may mean less unnecessary stress for grieving families

Date: 24/03/2017

Hot off the press via our Treasurer, Dr Rauf Kukaswadia, is the news that from 3 April 2017 coroners will no longer be under a duty to investigate a death solely because a DoLS authorisation was in place. Commenting on this change, Rauf said, 'Thank goodness for this common sense change which should mean fewer referrals to the Coroner.'

Main points
• All ‘DoLS’ deaths which occur prior to 3 April 2017 must still be reported to the coroner, and an automatic inquest will be held (even where the death is natural). These deaths must be dealt with under the ‘old’ law, and will require a jury if the death is not natural.
• DoLS deaths which occur from 3 April 2017 onwards, do not need to be automatically reported to the coroner; the usual considerations as to the circumstances of the death apply.
• It is the date of death, not the date of reporting to the coroner or the date of the inquest, which is relevant.
Thanks to Capsticks Solicitors - more details here.

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