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News - Factsheet on Safeguarding in GP Practices

Date: 15/03/2016

This latest publication has three key messages for GP practices:

Information Sharing: practices must share information promptly if they believe that a child or vulnerable adult is suffering or is at risk of suffering significant harm. They must be familiar with statutory guidance and local information sharing agreements to ensure that they are clear about the basis on which information can be shared.

Record-Keeping: it is essential that meticulous records are kept of all events and decisions relating to safeguarding matters. Records should be made promptly and should include all concerns, consent obtained (or reasons for proceeding without consent), details of action taken, information shared, decisions made and reasons for decisions.

Training: practice staff must be trained so that they know their obligations in relation to safeguarding. It is not enough to have a safeguarding policy: all staff must understand how the policy relates to their role.

The authors are Jonathan Flowers, Head of Family Law and Safeguarding at WardHadaway Solictors and his colleague Alexia Dawson

Download the factsheet here

For further information please contact Alison Oliver at WardHadaway | 0191 204 4240 | email

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